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 Washington Cherry Blossom Festival

华盛顿欣赏一年一度美国樱花节。嫣红夺目的红樱、纯洁无瑕的白樱、优雅端庄的紫樱, 争妍斗丽,媲美东瀛,不容错过。Tidal Bas 更是樱 花之源,拥有过万棵不同颜色的樱花树,赏心悦目。 令您有一种洗涤凡嚣的感觉。亦会安排游览国会山 庄、白宫、林肯纪念堂。团友可自由选择参观展现人类飞行历史的太空博物馆,参观人类的第一架动力发行飞机,到现今太空史上著名的太空维生时所吃的太空食物如太空雪糕、太空巧克力或全球数 一数二的华盛顿国家艺术博物馆,内有十八、十九 世纪各大名艺术家的珍藏;或自然历史博物馆,欣赏世界最著名的钻石—希望之星(Hope Diamond) 以及恐龙馆内的史前恐龙化石等稀世藏品。希望之星重45.52克拉,色呈深蓝,曾为英法两国多位国王的御用之物,也被称为“国王之宝”。更带你参观斥资1600万美元兴建的华盛顿杜莎夫人蜡像馆(自费 ),其中更展出美国的历史伟人、政界人物及与美国新总统特朗普等45位总统蜡像拍照,为2017年美国之行的最好纪念。较为特别的是白宫的椭圆形办公室亦会成为展品之一,游客可以置身其中尽情拍照除了历代总统及政界人士外,还将展示娱乐界名人蜡像,包括好莱坞女星茱莉亚罗拔丝、男星汤姆克鲁斯、佐治古尼及黑人男星韦史密夫等等
​Washington to enjoy the annual American Cherry Blossom Festival. Bright red cherry, pure and flawless white cherry, elegant and dignified purple cherry, Zheng Yan Dou Li, comparable to the East, not to be missed. Tidal Bas in is the source of cherry blossoms, with thousands of different colors of the cherry tree, feast for the eyes. So that you have a feeling of washing the clamor. Will also arrange to visit the Capitol Hill, the White House, Lincoln Memorial. Tourists are free to choose to visit the space museum to show the history of human flight, visit the first human power of the aircraft, to the history of space today, the famous space life when eating space food such as space ice cream, space chocolate or the world's best in Washington The National Museum of Art has a collection of famous artists in the 18th and 19th centuries; or the Museum of Natural History, enjoying the world's most famous diamonds - Hope Diamond and prehistoric dinosaur fossils in dinosaurs. Hope Star 45.52 kt, color was dark blue, Britain and France had a number of king of the Queen of things, also known as the "king of the treasure." But also to visit you to spend $ 16 million to build the Washington Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (at their own expense), which show the history of the United States great man, political figures and the United States with the new President Trump and other 45 President wax figure camera for 2017 US The best of the trip to commemorate the trip. More special is the White House oval office will become one of the exhibits, visitors can enjoy exposure to them. In addition to the presidents and politicians, will also show entertainment celebrity wax, including Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, actor Tom Cruise, Georgia and black male star Wei Smith and so on.

Washington Cherry Blossom Festival 华盛顿樱花节 
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